Lecture Topics

A Woman in the Pulpit

“Girls can be anything they want to be,” her parents said.  Then the Church added, “Except clergy.”  Gender inequality is but one place where the Church hasn’t been true to the Good News.  It’s time for a makeover.

A Thirty-Something in the Pulpit

The headlines are not encouraging. Survey after survey says that fewer people identify as Christian, worship attendance is down, and no one memorizes Bible verses anymore.  But how bad is it?  How do we stop worrying about the future of the Church and start working on the Church of the future?

A Politico in the Pulpit

Your mother always said, “keep your elbows off the table!”, much like the Church has always said, “Keep your politics out of the pulpit!”  But is Christianity just about personal piety and playing politely?  If that were so, surely Jesus would have been put to death some other way than crucifixion.  How can congregations reclaim the political message of the Gospel without sinking into partisanship?

Women in the Bible